Here we are! (and phew…)

by: Sales & Marketing’s: Rémy Frank

So, we just finished launching our new Solid Terrain Modeling website. We were on a mission to get it prepped and launched in time for our company appearance on the Discovery Science Channel’s TV show called “How It’s Made.”

As anyone can guess, the project has involved more than a few late nights, for more than a few team members and partners. Yet, while bleary eyed and dazed, the site is up and looking good! We even fit in the release of a new product line… a ready-to-order series of 3D Solid Terrain Models. We can’t wait to hear how people like them! Please let us know.

I want to share a HUGE thanks to the gang at DCG for helping get the site off the ground and running. I also want to thank our GIS/designer “dude,” Jeff Klittich, for the quick turn on deliverables, as well as the rest of the STM team who covered for me while we banged this out. Fine-tuning to follow… as websites are never actually done. :-]

So to wrap this up, it’s time to celebrate! – with an STM team viewing of our How It’s Made episode tonight at 6:00pm PT. We’re excited to share the news, and hope folks out there decide to tune in and see how Solid Terrain Models are made.