Solid Terrain Models

Solid Terrain Models are three-dimensional physical models that people can gather around, touch and view from any angle, allowing for a deeper understanding of the information being presented. STM models can be any size, shape or scale – from table top to wall mounted, or even tiled to fill an entire exhibition hall – and provide a level of understanding not found in any computer model, ordinary topographic model or flat map.

Accurate and Realistic

Precisely cut in dense polyurethane foam, our geospatially accurate models hold exacting detail, giving a completely realistic rendering of the land formations. By using brilliant full-color hi-resolution printing of satellite imagery, aerial photography or other graphic data directly on the dimensional surface, we make the scene come alive in exquisite detail.

Easy to Understand

Solid Terrain Models offer many advantages over flat maps and virtual computer models. When looking at our 3D models, all the information you need – from scale, distance and terrain to points of view, sight lines and more – is immediately available. This unmatched level of detail makes it easy to understand our models without having to know how to read a topographical map or grading plan.

How to Order

Making a Solid Terrain Model requires two sets of information – digital elevation data and an image. STM can work from data that you provide, or we can obtain it for you.

To get started, please refer to our How to Order section.