New from Simthetiq and Solid Terrain Modeling: the power of physical terrain modeling with the speed and flexibility of a virtual terrain database.

Combining STM’s patented physical terrain modeling, and real-time capable projection technology with Simthetiq’s virtual terrain, simulation and training capabilities, SolidSim© accurately communicates dynamic data to all levels of stakeholder.

With a flood of different data sources available to modern crisis responders or military commanders, making decisions under pressure, whilst ensuring fine details are integrated and understood is not easy.

With SolidSim© Users Can Easily:

• Scale complex areas of operation into a clear visual cue

• Fuse multiple, complex data sets and distill intelligence and reconnaissance reports to add context and facilitate analysis

• Project tactical changes in real-time to aid mission-critical decision making

Using readily available COTS hardware, cutting edge software, simulation tools and data display formats, SolidSim© offers unparalleled data fusion and display for operational analysis, training, and planning.

Enhanced Training

Improve mission rehearsal by projecting complex training exercises and maneuvers onto a physical terrain, fused with an immersive simulation to improve understanding and aid analysis of results post exercise.

Robust Concepts of Operation

By integrating a physical terrain with a simulated virtual environment and assets, concepts of operation can be tested and viewed in real-time to power innovation and planning.

Improved Operational Planning & Response

Projecting dynamic data, such as wind patterns, intelligence reports or object positioning onto a physical terrain for improved awareness and decision making.

ISTAR Tracking & Data Display

Whether for training or tactical planning, display dynamic data (fuel load for fire mapping, wind patterns, weather reports, etc.) and objects/assets identified on the ground from unmanned or manned assets.

Joint Fires Picture

De-conflict fire missions, track air assets and tactical ground operations by fusing static data with real-time positioning and dynamic data feeds.

Intelligent Data Fusion

Project intelligence reports and operational analysis data onto a highly detailed 3-dimensional terrain to track assets, check their status and gauge threats. Additional layers of interactive data can be viewed through the use of augmented reality technologies.

With minimal hardware requirements, the solution is scalable – both in terms of capability, scale and cost.

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