Projection Systems

Custom Projection Systems

Solid Terrain Modeling Projection Systems are the ideal solution for your ever-changing project or exhibit. If you have multiple project phases to describe or need to depict new strategic and tactical plans onto your Solid Terrain Model, consider having STM design a custom Projection System to meet your needs.
Client uses include:

  • Storytelling & Historic Timeline Depiction – to help an audience visualize the past, present and future
  • Multiple Project Phases – from exploration through reclamation
  • Strategic/Tactical Plans – for government/military operations
  • Fire/Emergency Response Services – planning and real-time scenarios

Portable Projection Systems

Our Portable Projection Systems are perfect for roadshows and community awareness meetings. Packed in a wheeled travel case and easy to set-up in five minutes, the system allows you to quickly launch your presentation and display a variety of projected images onto your Solid Terrain Model. The Portable Projection System is designed as a complete self-contained unit, you get everything you need in one kit:

  • Table-top Projection System with built-in CPU
  • 18” x 24” Solid Terrain Model – easily changed out with different models as needed
  • Optional Legs – if needed
  • Wheeled Travel Case

Interested in a Projection System? Give us a call and share the details of your upcoming project!