Technology & Fabrication

Our Technology & Fabrication Process

Solid Terrain Modeling developed and patented the technology we use to manufacture Solid Terrain Models. Our custom machines were built in-house and can print any type of model for any type of client. Every job is unique, and Solid Terrain Modeling’s one of a kind technology can produce various types of terrain and modeling objects when supplied with available data. Using digital elevation and imagery data for the selected geographic area, the highly calibrated cutting machine carves the model into high-density polyurethane foam.

1. CNC Inkjet Printing

Our 3D proprietary printing system is only available at Solid Terrain Modeling. When you order one of our models, we use our patented printing system to ensure that nothing can duplicate your finished product with such stunning clarity, vibrant color and photo-realistic detail.

Whether satellite imagery, aerial photography, maps, text or other graphic data, your model comes to life through Solid Terrain Modeling’s brilliant, hi-resolution proprietary inkjet printing. Instead of moving print heads on only one axis, Solid Terrain Modeling’s unique capability enables printing on a 3D object, allowing the company to produce models of unmatched accuracy, realism and beauty.

2. In-house Invention & Innovation

Co-Founder Mark Fisher created and developed this revolutionary printing process. He and the company’s engineers designed and built all of the existing equipment and found an original equipment manufacturer to provide print heads that support Solid Terrain Modeling’s design.

3. The Result: Geospatially Accurate Models You Can Touch

Our terrain models are geospatially accurate, physical 3D models of geographic terrain that people can gather around, touch and view from any angle, and provide for a deeper comprehension of the information presented. Everyone understands right away – scale, distance, terrain, points of view, sight lines, etc. – without knowing how to read a topographic map or engineering plan. Solid Terrain Models can be any size, any shape and any scale.

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