Press Release – Solid Terrain Modeling, Inc. and Simthetiq Inc., Fusing the Best of Both Worlds with SolidSim©


Press Release

Solid Terrain Modeling, Inc. and Simthetiq Inc., Fusing the Best of Both Worlds with SolidSim©

December 2, 2013

 Fillmore, CA USA  |  Montreal QC, Canada


Solid Terrain Modeling, Inc. and Simthetiq Inc. today announced the release of their new collaborative product – SolidSim©. Designed to bring together the power of physical terrain modeling with the flexibility of a virtual terrain database, SolidSim© provides both military and non-military operators with a communications tool for improved training,  operational analysis, and planning.


By integrating their expertise and the strengths of their technologies, Solid Terrain Modeling and Simthetiq have enabled the projection of Simthetiq’s accurate and dynamic data – such as object location based on real-time positioning technologies, wind patterns or rich terrain data – onto a physical Solid Terrain Model for improved awareness and decision making.


SolidSim© offers data-fusion and display for any number of training and operational requirements – scaling complex virtual terrains onto an accurate visual cue, distilling complex environmental data and providing greater context and capacity for analysis.


Simthetiq CEO, Vincent Cloutier, said at the announcement: “Our collaboration with STM offers something different to all our clients – we can expand the value of training beyond the virtual world and offer an end-to-end solution that is just as easy to exploit for operations as it is for exercises.” He added: “Simthetiq is very keen to see where this collaboration takes us and the state of modern training and simulation.”


“Because both companies offer best-in-class solutions that cross shared industries, developing SolidSim© was a natural alliance,” said Mark Fisher, CEO of Solid Terrain Modeling. “We’re thrilled to be working alongside Simthetiq on the continuing development of this new product and look forward to pushing the technology forward.”


SolidSim© will be on display at booth #764 during I/ITSEC 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from 2-5 December. For more information, contact


About Solid Terrain Modeling

Solid Terrain Modeling, Inc. designs and manufactures large-format 3D terrain models with unprecedented accuracy, realism and beauty. These geospatially accurate models can be held and touched, bringing the terrain to life for planners, educators, government officials, and others who make critical land-use decisions. These GIS-based custom models can highlight any geographic area on earth by integrating a combination of aerial or satellite imagery, maps, photos, graphics and text. They are utilized worldwide by a broad scope of industries including mining, museums, parks, law firms, emergency response, land management offices, developers, transportation agencies, utilities, architects, military, and federal, state and municipal agencies. View our products and solutions at:


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Founded in 2005 to meet the needs of modern training and simulation applications, Simthetiq develops advanced 3D solutions for customers in defence, security, aerospace, research and gaming. With a vast library of high-resolution, cross-platform models and geo-specific environments, and a range of services fine-tuned to mission-critical operational demands, Simthetiq creates some of the most immersive simulation solutions available. Discover the various cost-effective 3D solutions offered at:


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