Press Release – Solid Terrain Modeling, Airbus Defense & Space, Highlight New Data Collection Technology at Esri® Conference

Press Release

Solid Terrain Modeling, Airbus Defense and Space, to Highlight  New Data Collection  Technology at Esri® Conference

 Fillmore, CA

Solid Terrain Modeling Inc. (STM), in partnership with Airbus Defense and Space, will demonstrate the latest in data collection technology along with a new type of digital elevation model (DEM) at the 2014 Esri® User Conference in San Diego, California from July 14 – 18.

Solid Terrain Modeling’s special display showcases three-dimensional, physical terrain models produced using Airbus Defense and Space’s WorldDEM™ and Pleiades imagery to demonstrate the incredible detail these new data collection processes can achieve.

The Pléiades optical observation system consists of two identical satellites that deliver 50 cm color imagery. Operating on a phased orbit, the Pléiades system affords daily revisit capability on any point of the globe, to better address civilian and military requirements. Paired with the 12m pole-to-pole coverage of the WorldDEM™ collection process, there is a new unparalleled level of accuracy.

The Solid Terrain Models provide a strong visual understanding of just how precise and compelling these new data collection technologies are for all GIS-based projects. CEO of Solid Terrain Modeling, Mark Fisher, commented, “It’s exciting to work with technology that constantly pushes new boundaries. Doing what we do, enables STM to take part in bringing these new technologies to life; and partnering with Airbus Defense and Space on this project allows us to demonstrate how spectacular the latest data collection techniques have become.”

Accurate geographic maps and terrain models of the earth’s surface have many important applications for business, defense, government, emergency aid and other industries. Designed to be the most homogeneous and accurate elevation data  ever produced on a global scale, the new digital elevation model – called WorldDEM – promises to bring unequaled detail, resolution and clarity to a wide variety of geospatial applications. .

Offering a reliable and precise reference layer to enhance a wide range of applications, WorldDEM uses synthetic aperture radar (SAR) mapping technology to collect digital elevation data in unprecedented detail. This data is then used in the production of elevation maps, terrain models, and other digital products requiring precise geospatial detail. In addition to demonstrating the latest in digital elevation model technology, high resolution imagery will be used to highlight the remarkable precision of today’s data capturing capabilities.  For more details about the Data Collection Special Display, visit:

The Esri Map Gallery, located in the Sail Pavilion of the San Diego Convention Center, is home to this year’s Special Displays. For more information on the Esri User conference, visit

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