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Win Approval For Your Project with a 3D Solid Terrain Model

Real estate development is a visual business. Before planning commissions and government agencies give their approval, they need to know what your project will look like so they can determine the impact to the surrounding environment. Often, gaining approval depends on how well planning officials can visualize your completed project.

Whether planning a private or commercial development our 3D Solid Terrain Models provide a precise physical tool for visually communicating the look and feel of any proposed development project. Unlike traditional flat maps, our Solid Terrain Models provide the three-dimensional detail that decision makers need to fully understand and appreciate the scope of your project.

Changing “No” to “Yes”

Ideal for architects, construction companies, land developers, planning commissions, and real estate agents, STM Solid Terrain Models offer several important features to help move your project through the approval process in a timely manner:

• Easy to understand. STM 3D Solid Terrain Models provide convenient visual tools that both technical and non-technical audiences can easily understand. Often, the visual clarity of our models can instantly overcome objections that might otherwise take weeks or months to resolve.

• Remarkably accurate. We capture high-resolution data from satellites, aerial photography and surveillance information. Then we use a proprietary printing process to apply the image data directly onto the model’s terrain surface for unmatched accuracy and clarity.

• Portable. Our 3D terrain models are light enough to easily transport to off-site locations. Displaying a model of your project in a showroom, business office, or city council meeting can often be the deciding factor in a “yes” vote from key decision makers.

• Touchable. STM models go beyond visualization by allowing people to touch and feel your housing development or shopping center. This kinesthetic experience helps turn imagination into reality for those involved in the decision-making process.

Most important, our 3D Solid Terrain Models connect with viewers on an emotional level. The ability to see, touch and feel the details of your completed project can literally change the minds of people viewing your model. Our customers frequently say that their STM model enabled them to gain approval or close a sale even when the residents or planners were initially opposed.

The STM Difference

STM 3D Solid Terrain Models are used by many of the nation’s leading real estate developers, including:

• Castle and Cooke

• Centex Homes

• Mission Development Company

• Tejon Ranch

• U.S. Bureau of Land Management


Our models offer the finest in craftsmanship and quality. They’re lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and surprisingly affordable. Starting at 1′ x 1′, we can create a model of any size you wish – for any development, anywhere in the world – to fit your project and your budget.

The result is a powerful educational tool that communicates the full value of your development project to the surrounding community.

Why risk losing a sale or having an important development project turned down? Let a 3D Solid Terrain Model from STM gain the approval of key decision makers on your next project.

Call 1-800-548-7621 today, and let us provide you with a free estimate.