Parks & Visitor Centers

Add to the Experience with a 3D Topographic Model

Depict the true beauty of nature through Solid Terrain Models for your National, State Park or Visitor Center. These protected areas have the most gorgeous terrain in the world, giving tourists and visitors a breathtaking and educational experience.

Design your Park or Visitor Center experience, and let Solid Terrain Modeling create a topographical model that promotes the experience you’ve created.

Effective Visual Communications

Solid Terrain Models enable your visitors to see the beauty of the land and understand the relationship to the surrounding environment with unprecedented clarity. First of its kind, our 3D physical terrain models have extraordinary rich color imaging applied to the dimensional surface. These models are as beautiful as they are informative; combining the world of flat maps, satellite imagery and dimensional physical terrain models.

Terrain models can help you inform and educate the public about your park’s mission and projects, orient visitors to your park or trailhead and even provide products for your gift shop.

Interpretive Center Models

When guests arrive at your Visitor Center and see the beautifully detailed full color Solid Terrain Model of the park, they will immediately be able to orient themselves to park features and facilities such as:

  • Campsites
  • Hiking Trails
  • Off-road Vehicle Courses
  • Points of Interest
  • Ecologically sensitive Areas

Hikers starting up a trailhead can review trail maps overlaying the actual physical terrain to get a sense of what lies ahead on their hike, in terms of both features and level of difficulty.

Retail Models

Consider giving your guests something new to remember by offering Solid Terrain Models in your gift shop or online store. Guests can take home your park’s beauty with a piece of framed dimensional topographic art.

Unlike any other mapping technology existing in the world today, Solid Terrain Models are fast, accurate and affordable. Contact us about your next park project.