Oil & Gas

Streamline Your Oil & Gas Operations with a 3D Solid Terrain Model

Producing and delivering oil and gas resources can be a costly business, and while every project is different, there are many economic and environmental factors to consider. That’s why Solid Terrain Models are so critical to your oil and gas operations.

3D Solid Terrain Models provide precise visual tools that both technical and non-technical audiences can easily understand. They enable you to gain faster approval to start new extraction operations; more effectively monitor and manage ongoing projects; and add enhanced reliability and safety to your current operations.

Because they can accurately represent the entire lifecyle of an oil or gas operation, our 3D Solid Terrain Models offer several important advantages that help you communicate the value of your project to employees, communities and stakeholders on all levels.

  • Environmental leadership. Gaining government and community approval requires a dedicated CSR effort and considerable financial investment. Our 3D models enable you to visually communicate your commitment to environmental responsibility to all decision makers – regardless of their language, technical expertise, or individual skill sets.
  • Affiliate & Equity Partner buy-in. Make it easy for investors to commit to your project by demonstrating your financial and environmental risk management plan – and commitment delivering a proven return on investment.
  • Faster approval. By clearly depicting all phases of an oil or gas operation – thereby allowing government and community representatives to easily visualize your project from pre-planning through reclamation – our Solid Terrain Models can dramatically speed up the approval process. You spend less time seeking approval and more time engaged in actual operations.
  • Simplified phase planning. Accurate phase planning is essential for efficient operations. Our models – available with removable inserts – make it easy to see the surface terrain as it looks before breaking ground, during operations, and after reclamation. We can include any type of data features to show the physical changes to the land:
  • Project Phases
  • Boundaries
  • Pipelines
  • Well Locations
  • Bathymetric Data
  • Roads


As a result, you can more accurately visualize shale and reservoir rock layers, and depict your operations plan to maximize production and extraction levels while minimizing operational costs and increasing worker safety.

  • More efficient operation management. 3D Solid Terrain Models provide field and operation managers and crew with tools to:
    • Easily visualize the geometry of the land during all extraction phases
    • Deploy crews and equipment more effectively
    • Train new employees faster and more efficiently
  • Improved Worker Safety. Our geospatially accurate models make it easy to identify potential hazards and familiarize new employees so that you can get the job done while protecting your workers.


Geospatially Accurate 3D Solid Terrain Models

We print orthorectified imagery directly onto each model so that the terrain and its corresponding imagery are as true to life as possible.

As a result, you get the most accurate physical 3D map available, with natural detail presenting every nuance of the landscape as it truly is. No other 3D model comes close to STM for geospatial accuracy!

More Value for Your Money

Designed and built with the latest 3D modeling technologies, our 3D Solid Terrain Models are:

  • Lightweight. At only 8 pounds per cubic foot, STM models can be easily transported for off-site presentations. Depending on size, models can be designed for quick assembly and easy traveling with an optional travel case that houses the model and all of the inserts for displaying the various phases of your operation.
  • Durable. We offer a choice of two long-lasting finishes. The standard Clear finish is ideal for most applications. The TouchCoat® finish is recommended for models that will be used in high traffic settings and will be frequently handled or touched.
  • Easy to clean.  Both finishes are easily cleaned with mild soapy water and a damp cloth. You can even use a wet erase marker on our TouchCoat® finish, and it washes right off!
  • Affordable.  A STM 3D Solid Terrain Model is a great way to guarantee the return on your investment.


Available in Any Size

Unlike other terrain modeling companies, there are no maximum size limits on our 3D models. Starting at 1′ x 1′, we can create a model of any size you wish – for any terrain, anywhere in the world. In fact, some of our customers have entire room-sized models placed on the floor that they walk on!

Whether you need a portable, wall-size, or full-room model, STM will provide you with the highest quality 3D Solid Terrain Model of your oil or gas project.