Museums & Exhibits

Extraordinary Terrain Models For Museums

Show your visitors something they’ve never seen before . . . Solid Terrain Modeling’s exclusive printing technology produces brilliant, full-color, hi-resolution satellite or aerial photography, adding realism to museum models previously unattainable/unavailable. The results are as beautiful to look at, as they are informative.

Benefits of adding a Solid Terrain Model to your Exhibit

  • Viewing a Solid Terrain Model gives the impression of flying over the landscape and an unparalleled understanding of the area of interest.
  • The models can be animated with lasers, projection displays and fiber optics, and we offer the addition of finely crafted architectural features.
  • Solid Terrain Models are durable and touchable allowing your guests a hands-on experience.
  • The models can be made any size, small enough to fit on a table-top display or tiled to create expansive scenes that are absolutely breathtaking.


Our Museum clients include:

  • National Geographic Society
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Library of Congress
  • Scripps Institute
  • Hudson River Museum

The team at Solid Terrain Modeling strives to develop long-term relationships with our clients and partners, delivering spectacular looking models on schedule.

The STM Difference

Made with the finest in craftsmanship and quality, Solid Terrain Models offer important advantages for government planners:

  • Lightweight. At only 8 pounds per cubic foot, our models can be easily transported anywhere around the globe.
  • Portable. Depending on size, models can be designed for quick assembly and easy traveling, with an optional travel case that houses the model and all of the inserts for displaying the various phases of your mission.
  • Durable. We offer a choice of two long-lasting finishes. The standard Clear Lacquer is ideal for most applications. The TouchCoat® finish is recommended for models that will be used in high traffic settings and will be frequently handled or touched.
  • Easy to clean. Both finishes are easily cleaned with mild soapy water and a damp cloth. You can even use a wet erase marker on our TouchCoat® finish to erase sensitive information.

Most important, our models can be designed to fit your budget cost – an important consideration when concepting your next exhibition.