Military Terrain Intelligence You Can Count On

During military operations, strategic and tactical planning are only as good as the quality of intelligence you receive. This includes detailed knowledge of the surrounding terrain in which the military operation will take place. STM produces incredibly accurate 3D terrain models that provide superb intelligence for military operations anywhere in the world. Whether in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan or the deserts of Iraq, our 3D models provide precise visual understanding of the terrain in which your unit will be operating.


Superior Planning, Training and Education

Ideal for strategic, tactical or operational planning and training, our 3D solid terrain models:

  • Provide an accurate depiction of terrain anywhere in the world, at any scale (as long as the data is available).
  • Improve planning by providing a non-altered view of a specific area of interest. Planners can quickly determine key terrain locations and possible terrain challenges that may affect the success of their mission.
  • Complement digital analysis already being performed, while providing a clear visual picture of the terrain that anyone can understand — regardless of experience or education level.
  • Provide a 3D perspective of the 2D maps typically used in military operations. Instead of being limited to the data available on monitors, planners can walk around the model to create their own perspective of the terrain.
  • Educate troops quickly and in great detail about terrain they may not be familiar with and how that terrain affects the mission.

Regularly used by the Pentagon, Department of Defense, all branches of the U.S. Armed Services, and major military contractors, STM models serve many purposes throughout the life of your operation.

Initially, they assist with planning and situational awareness. During implementation, they provide critical information during presentations and briefings. Afterwards, they can be used for ongoing training exercises and to evaluate decisions and actions taken during the operation.

The STM Difference

A FAR Limited Source Provider, STM offers important advantages for military planners and strategists:

  • Precision. We use data from satellites, aerial photography and surveillance information to create the most geospatially accurate terrain models possible. Our models are built to exact scale, distance, terrain, points of view, and sight lines.
  • Unsurpassed realism. Our models present the landscape as it truly is, while capturing every nuance and detail of the surface. This unparalleled realism can be crafted into a model of any size and scale.
  • Flexibility. The size of our models can be optimized for each operation’s field conditions, and offer writable/erasable features for maximum flexibility. We build these highly accurate military sand tables upon request and to your specifications.
  • Real-time updates. Our optional projection system allows you to display real-time geospatial information and analysis onto the surface of an STM model, keeping your intelligence up-to-date at all times.
  • Classified/unclassified options. To protect your most sensitive data, the projection system allows you to project classified information onto unclassified models.
  • Ease of use. Lightweight, portable and durable, STM models can be easily transported to any location around the globe.
  • Fast production timelines. Our models can be completed and ready for shipping in 10 to 14 business days.

A 3D Solid Terrain Model is an important consideration for all of your strategic planning, training and deployment operations.