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Enhance Your Mission Success with a physical 3D Solid Terrain Model

From natural disaster relief to preparing for the after-effects of a military incursion, government agencies undertake a variety of local and global missions that require precise knowledge of the local terrain. STM supports your success in these missions with the most accurate 3D Solid Terrain Models currently available.

Using the latest scanning, imaging, and digital printing technologies, we produce remarkably accurate physical depictions that enable you to better understand the terrain and any terrain challenges that may affect your project or mission. Whether it’s rebuilding after a 100-year flood along the Mississippi or mounting a drought relief effort in Africa, our models provide your team with the in-depth knowledge of the landscape required to achieve your mission-critical goals.

Precise Visual Data – Anywhere, Anytime

Planning any project depends on intimate knowledge of the local terrain. Unfortunately, topographic maps in many areas of the world are often very limited in scope and detail. A Solid Terrain Model from STM provides a precise, realistic depiction of the terrain anywhere in the world, at any scale (as long as the satellite data is available).

  • Our physical 3D models
  • Provide a clear picture of the terrain that everyone can understand, regardless of knowledge, expertise or education level.
  • Serve as a powerful visual communication tool that transcends language barriers.
  • Assist with planning and situational awareness, including complementing analysis already being performed digitally.
  • Can be used by anyone in any country to provide critical information during presentations and briefings
  • Provide supporting evidence for decisions made and actions taken during the mission, and can serve as historical reference points for future missions and projects in the area.


Options for your Model

Our models can also be built with removable inserts that allow you to display secure information only to those who have a need to know. For example, a basic model showing the existing terrain can be displayed to general audiences. Inserts can then be added to show classified details only to personnel that have the proper clearance; or a variation of other options. Additionally, our Projection Systems can satisfy security requirements by displaying classified information over an unclassified model. Or, provide a method for depicting changing scenarios during project planning and deployment.

The STM Difference

Made with the finest in craftsmanship and quality, Solid Terrain Models offer important advantages for government planners:

  • Lightweight. At only 8 pounds per cubic foot, our models can be easily transported anywhere around the globe.
  • Portable. Depending on size, models can be designed for quick assembly and easy traveling, with an optional travel case that houses the model and all of the inserts for displaying the various phases of your mission.
  • Durable. We offer a choice of two long-lasting finishes. The standard Clear Lacquer is ideal for most applications. The TouchCoat® finish is recommended for models that will be used in high traffic settings and will be frequently handled or touched.
  • Easy to clean. Both finishes are easily cleaned with mild soapy water and a damp cloth. You can even use a wet erase marker on our TouchCoat® finish to erase sensitive information.

Most important, our models cost less than you might think – an important consideration for government agencies working under reduced or restricted budgets.


Who Uses Solid Terrain Models?

  • Emergency Response Units
  • Homeland Security
  • Border Patrol
  • Fire & Rescue
  • State & County Planning Departments and more