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Solid Terrain Models may also be ordered from one our Resellers listed below.

If you are interested in becoming a STM reseller, please contact:

Mark Fisher
(805) 524-7307 ext 104
[email protected]
Contact: Hannes Berthold
A-1200 Wien
Sachsenplatz 9/16
+43 (664) 2000383
[email protected] macht Beratungen, den Vertrieb und Dienstleistungen von und mit 3D-Druckern der Firmen ZCorp und Objet in Österreich und in den angrenzenden Nachbarländern. 3D-Drucker wurden ursprünglich für Anwendungen im Bereich „Rapid Prototyping“ entwickelt. Durch die fortwährende Weiterentwicklung dieser Maschinen und mit Hilfe von eigenen Entwicklungen, konnten aber auch völlig neue Anwendungsbereiche wie zB. die Visualisierung, die Duplizierung, die Architektur, die Archäologie, usw. erschlossen werden. verfügt neben einer Produktionsniederlassung im Technikzentrum Ainet bei Lienz auch noch über eine Verkaufsniederlassung in Wien. Durch viele Partnerschaften und Kooperationen ist die Firma in der Lage, ihren Kunden schnell, kompetent, zuverlässig und vor allem unkompliziert zu helfen.
Contact: Todd Stennett
300 North Sepulveda Blvd
Suite 1060
El Segundo, CA 90245
[email protected]
Laser mapping (LIDAR) service provider. In addition to mapping with LIDAR technology they are a master VAR for Terasolid software.
AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.
Contact: Brian R.Sovik, GISP
1405 West Auto Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284
480-940-2320, Ext. 163
480-785-0970 Fax
623-203-0949 Mobile
[email protected]
AMEC is a focused supplier of high-value consultancy, engineering and project management services to the world’s natural resources, nuclear, clean energy, water and environmental sectors. The company employs some 22,000 people in around 40 countries worldwide. See
Anhidra Consultoría Agroambiental S.L.
Contact: Jordi Pérez Príncep de Viana
11 Altell
325004 Lleida, Spain
+34 973-23-86-46
[email protected]
Anhidra Consultoria Agroambiental S.L. provides technological services in the field of environmental sciences. Our main services are geographical information systems (GIS), cartography, reports, valuation, and scale models.
Contact: Mark Safran
124 Gaither Drive
Suite 100
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
[email protected]
BAE SYSTEMS is a solution-driven company, created to adapt the evolving world of mapping technologies to your specific needs.
Bohannan & Huston
Contact: Dennis SandinCourtyard
17500 Jefferson St NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
[email protected]
Civil Engineering company with departments for surveying, mapping, planning, design and construction with focus in government and private sectors.
CCC Geomatica
Contact: Carlos Coucelo
Taguspark, Núcleo Central 242
2740-122 Porto Salvo, Portugal
+351 214 222 653
[email protected]
CCCGeomática is a GIS consulting firm, which provides GIS services and solutions. Our main goal is to use geography and GIS technology for better management, and for better and more effective decision making processes.  As part of this goal, we developed the gison3dmap software, which combines the richness of STM terrain models with the video projection of GIS data, as requested by GIS and multimedia clients, to provide both a collaborative decision making platform and a means to improve the communication with the public.
Contact: Alejandro Hinojosa
P.O. Box 434843
San Diego, CA 92143-4843
+52 646 175 0500 x26045
[email protected]
GIS Consulting Services
Decision Support Services, Inc.
Contact: Joe Lewis
496 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101-3402
[email protected]
From custom application development to simple map-making, Decision Support Services delivers a wide range of professional GIS services.
Digital Globe Systems, LLC.
Contact: Kevin Lockwood
P.O. Box 1023
Coarsegold, CA 93614
[email protected]
Digital Globe Systems provides a variety of interactive displays for geospatial content, including digital touch globes, multi-user touchscreen tables, projection mapping, kiosks and more. Digital Globe Systems also specializes in exhibit design, development and fabrication for visitor centers, museums, libraries and government offices.
East View Cartographic, Inc.
Contacts: Kent Lee, President and CEO
Peter Woeste, GIS Marketing Director
10601 Wayzata Boulevard
Minnetonka, MN 55305
[email protected]
East View Cartographic (EVC) is a leading provider of authoritative worldwide maps, geospatial data, as well as GIS services and solutions. Since the company’s origins in the early 1990s, EVC has acquired a vast archive of global maps and geospatial data, including topographic maps, DEMs, imagery, vector data, geological maps, nautical charts, and related atlases and books. The company’s extensive map and geospatial data supplier network allows quick access to products not in inventory. In addition, EVC provides high-quality, cost-effective mapping and GIS services and solutions to support the production of new geospatial products, custom modification of existing data, and electronic organization of data. To browse and purchase products online visit EVC Store at
Forest Mapping Management
Contact: Marius Weinberger
Schillerstrasse 30
A-5020, Salzburg, Austria
+43 662-880362
[email protected]
FMM® is your competent partner for the organization and implementation of aerial flights, calculation of ortho-rectified aerial images, physical 3D models, interactive 3D flights (local and www) and anaglyph pictures. In the development of software FMM offers a broad variety of numerous web and local database and GIS applications.
Contact: David Currie
Suite 300, 700 – 4th Ave SW
Calgary AB T2P 3J4
403-213-2700 x312
[email protected]
GeoAnalytic Inc. is an information technology company that specializes in providing high quality mapping software, data, and services to industrial and government clients world-wide.
GeoNav Group
Contact: Mark Stroud
1099 Main Avenue
Suite 321
Durango, CO 81301
[email protected]
The GeoNav Group is focused on simplifying the world of GIS for our customers. We bring together the highest quality GIS consulting services coupled with the “best of breed” software and GPS/Computer hardware solutions for data maintenance, mapping and navigation.
GeoScale AS
Contact: Karl Andersen
Chr Krohgsg34, 0186
[email protected]
GIS Services
Contact: Dave Branson
6367 McCordick Road
North Gower, Ontario, K0A2T0
613-489-0550 x401
[email protected]
GeoSolutions is a Canadian company dedicated to providing clients with cost effective, innovative GIS solutions for their spatial information management needs. They provide clients with the systems, consulting, training and support.
Contact: Robert Matt, Principle
4 Fortecon Drive, Unit 1
Gormley, Ontario L0H 1GO, Canada
905-727-5295 voice
905-713-1690 fax
[email protected]
Giantscape manufactures sculptures for themed environments and displays including amusement parks, retail signage, trade shows, and personal use. Giantscape’s innovative manufacturing process uses a laser scanning system to make a computer 3-D model of a miniature sculpture; a router uses the computer 3-D model to cut a giant sized, sculpture out of foam. The process is a cost effective way to produce perfectly proportioned sculptures based on a small original.
HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.
Contact: Devin Kelley
2001 Broadway
3rd Floor
Oakland, CA 94621
510-834-2001 x124
[email protected]
Since 1949, HJW has been providing government and private-sector clients with accurate geospatial information services.  As the leading full-service photogrammetric mapping firm based in northern California, we provide a full, integrated suite of professional services including digital and film-based aerial imagery acquisition, aerial triangulation, LiDAR terrain mapping, photogrammetric digital terrain modeling, contour mapping, orthoimagery generation, and digital planimetric/topographic mapping.  These core services are supported by complementary remote sensing, GIS and related consulting services.
International Mapping Associates
Contact: Alex Tait
5300 Dorsey Hall Drive
Suite 201
Elicott City, MD 21042
[email protected]
Specializes in providing clients with a single source for all their custom mapping needs. IMA has assembled a team of highly experienced cartographers and graphic designers who possess the collective expertise to assist clients across a broad range of mapping needs.
Kearney & Associates
Contact: Pat Kearney
17477 Stevensburg Road
Culpepper, VA 22701
[email protected]
Kearney & Associates is widely recognized for its quality museum fabrication. They have successfully fabricated displays, exhibits, architechural millwork, custom casework and custom graphics for numerous visitor centers.
Contact: Nicole Poisson, Project Manager
84777 Charlottes Way
Eugene, OR 97405
[email protected]
Established in 2002, and drawing on 20 years of model building and special effects production for filmmakers, LumaLaser builds professional quality laser projectors and interactive exhibits that infuse a sense of magic and exhilaration. LumaLaser can produce an exhibit in its entirety, including the model, map or mural; miniatures; laser animations; visitor touch screen; and multimedia interpretation. Or, we are glad to combine our scope of work with others who may be designing and producing some aspects of the exhibit. No matter what the project, you can guarantee that LumaLaser will turn your ideas into working realities, bringing to life the excitement and energy you envision!
McMullen Nolan Surveyors
Contact: Gerry Nolan, Director Level 1,
2 Sabre Crescent
Jandakot 6164
Western Australia
+61 (0)8 6436 1599
[email protected]
McMullen Nolan and partners Surveyors provide a complete range of survey and specialist spatial services including Land Survey, Hydrographic Survey, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Visualisation, Mapping, Cartographics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our Cartographics, Modeling and Mapping teams are well equipped to provide dem, orthophoto, graphic data and advice for Solid Terrain Modeling projects.
NATECH Environmental Services Inc.
Contact: Jochen Schroer
109 Patterson Road
Harvey Stn
New Brunswick, Canada E6K 1L9
[email protected]
NATECH Environmental Services Inc. is a dynamic consulting engineering company that is flexible in its approach towards solutions to environmental problems.
Vertical Mapping Resources, Inc.
Contact: Bret Okraski Director, Consulting & Development
7825 East Gelding Drive
Suite 101
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
[email protected]
Vertical Mapping Resources is a leading integrated aerial mapping and geospatial land information company providing high-resolution aerial photography and remote sensing, precision digital mapping, full topographical and planimetric services, and digital orthophotography for clients throughout the United States. We are equipped to handle projects of virtually any size and scope for private and public entities of all disciplines.
Spatial Solutions
Contact: Brian Harvey, Managing Director
3/84 Childers Street
North Adelaide 5006
South Australia
+61 417060743
[email protected]
Spatial Solutions provides a range of spatial services including projects involving Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We are able to acquire current imagery using our aerial mapping equipment and aircraft, or source suitable existing imagery, and create the data sets needed to produce the 3D models.
Being based in South Australia, we are ideally located to fly anywhere in Australia.
VisualPark Corp
Contact: Kwangsu Park
1122 Hyundai-Lexion Officetel
719-2 Banghak-dong
Dobong-gu, Seoul
132-854, South Korea
+82 (0)2-2277-5530
[email protected]
VisualPark is Real Land Visualization Company. Satellite Image processing, GIS analyzing, and real land modeling (VIPA_model, VIPA_relief) service.
Contact: Todd Ulrich
2710 Coy Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 25219
[email protected]
Builds worlds largest 3D globes