Data Collection Processes

Solid Terrain Modeling’s special display showcases three-dimensional, physical terrain models produced using Airbus Defense and Space’s WorldDEM and Pleiades imagery to demonstrate the incredible detail these new data collection processes can achieve.

The Pléiades optical observation system consists of two identical satellites that deliver 50 cm color imagery. Operating on a phased orbit, the Pléiades system affords daily revisit capability on any point of the globe, to better address civilian and military requirements. Paired with the 12m pole-to-pole coverage of the WorldDEM™ collection process, there is a new unparalleled level of accuracy.

The Solid Terrain Models provide a strong visual understanding of just how precise and compelling these new data collection technologies are for all GIS-based projects.


Press Release – Solid Terrain Modeling, Airbus Defense & Space, Highlight New Data Collection Technology at Esri® Conference