Boisset Shares the Science Behind Spectacular Wine

Flamboyant. Outrageous. Superb. Bodacious.

All words that describe Jean-Charles Boisset and his Boisset Family Estate wines. You may think I’m just slinging crazy words around, and your right. But, if the words fit… At the root of the Boisset Family Estates are some extremely tasty wines, produced by a true (and eccentric) master.

Every one of the family estate wineries – there are more than 10 in California alone – produce exceptional varietals based on some of the world’s most prestigious terroirs, climate and of course their family winemaking heritage. Spanning regions from Burgundy to the South of France to California’s Napa Valley and Russian River Valley, Boisset offers an amazing experience that fits perfectly with their wine maker’s personality.

In line with Jean-Charles’ unconventional style, he has designed the tasting experience at his wineries to be exceptionally fun, delicious and educational. (Yep, believe it or not, delicious can be educational.) As part of the experience, each winery shares details about their location and what makes their soil, air, and climate optimal for growing the “perfect” fruit. That fruit is then harvested and processed under specific guidelines to produce the very best vintages possible.

To make the tasting experience complete, newly released vintages are shared, and depending on which Boisset winery you are visiting, these wines may be shared around a Solid Terrain Model. Why would a winery care about displaying their wine region on a 3D topographical model? Because there is no easier way to communicate the technical side of growing great fruit – hillsides, valleys, mountain ranges, are just that – visually appealing and touchable hillsides, valleys, and mountain ranges. Even without viticulture knowledge, the terrain-specific wind currents and upwelling, dry regions vs. cool regions, all become self-explanatory when folks gather around a Solid Terrain Model.

We are honored to have been selected to help provide the distinct and over-the-top experience that the Boisset crew insists on delivering. Stop by and check out the bodacious experience for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! And, if you’d like to enjoy a glass of Boisset crafted wine alongside one of our Solid Terrain Models, visit:

The Raymond Vineyards Rutherford Room, and enjoy a sneak peak at Raymond Vineyards Installing the Napa Valley Model.

DeLoach Vineyards – you’ll find a model of Sonoma Valley in their Appellation Room.