Meet the STM Team


Mark Fisher | President and CEO

Born and raised in Southern California, Mark Fisher grew up disassembling and rebuilding anything he could get his hands on. The self-proclaimed tech geek would parlay his favorite hobby as a kid into a real world career.

It all started in the 1990s at microscope manufacturer McBain in the San Fernando Valley where Mark worked his way up to consultant. He eventually started a laser light show company (Laser Sound) for films, TV and music. Mark would meet a Vegas show producer who hired him to take the laser systems on worldwide tours. After seven years on the road, Mark moved back to California to work at Skjonberg Controls, based in Ventura, where the company provided control systems for the entertainment business from rock n’ roll bands to Broadway shows.

While at Skjonberg Controls, Mark would meet his future business partner Lawrence Faulkner who invited him to work as a hardware engineer for a software company in Moorpark – Genoa Technology. Together, they built testing products for USB, printing and the fax industry. In their spare time, the two discussed ways to work together because they knew that they could fill a need for local engineering firms who wanted terrain models – something they both strongly believed in.

Not surprisingly, the Pentagon would soon be knocking on their door; the government needed a terrain model and fast. After putting together a very compelling piece, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Mark and Lawrence decided that they would start a company and turn terrain models into a production process. Their peers thought it was a great idea; so did Angel investors. They launched Solid Terrain Modeling (STM) on August 24, 2000.

STM provides a level of understanding not found in any computer model, ordinary topographic model or flat map. STM builds models of any size – from tabletop to wall mounted or even tiled to fill an entire exhibition hall. National Geographic would be their first customer and the company has not looked back since.

Today, though Faulkner is pursuing other interests, STM builds models for museums, land planners, oil, gas and mining companies, universities, aerospace, research, legal professionals, emergency response, border patrol, police, bureaus of land management and all branches of the military, as well as any company trying to convey a project’s scope through a 3D model.

In the coming years, Mark plans to expand the business and create new visualization technologies by exploiting the digital data revolution. He wants to help his clients view any piece of data and present it in ways that humans can comprehend via unique visual mediums.



Justin Luton | Vice President

Has been developing software since 1986. Working in various languages, he has developed complex software programs and protocols including printer and color performance programs, video applications and motion tracking systems. As an independent consultant, he has worked in many various industries. He is the recipient of numerous product awards and brings to STM a diverse technical background.



Sylvia Meza | Administration

Since its inception in 2000, she has provided valuable administrative and clerical support. Her knowledge of the business has played a significant role of liaison between clients and personnel of STM. She currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance from California State University Northridge.