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Solid Terrain Modeling exhibited some of the most amazing 3D renderings of the earth's surface that I have ever seen." -Joseph J. Kerski, PhD, US Geological Survey

Solid Terrain Modeling (STM) creates accurate and realistic topographic models for various uses. A topographic model can be utilized in many ways, for various industries, to depict and render an area faithfully, allowing a bird’s eye view, without the transportation costs. Whether you’re in need of Military Topographic Model, Exhibition and Artistic Display Topographic Models,National and State Park Topographic Models or Museum Topographic Models, STM can bring to life any place in the world in full color, 3D map models to better understand an area, as well as convey ideas.

National and State Park Topographic Models

Depict the true beauty of nature through national and state park topographical models. These authentic renderings are a breathtaking addition to any visitor’s center or park museum. These protected areas have some of the most gorgeous terrain anywhere in the world, and giving tourists and visitors an overview of these places will make their visit even more enjoyable, as well as educational.

Museum Topographic Models - Exhibition and Artistic Display Topographic Models

Topographic models ( topography model )can give your audience a unique view of any place on earth, using 3D renderings to aid them visually. To help viewers understand any subject - whether it is history, archeology, science, - museum topographic models are some of the best depictions of the world around us. If you’re looking for exhibition and artistic display topographic models, STM can work with you to create stunning, visual pieces worthy of any museum anywhere in the world.

Military Topographic Models

Even with the most sophisticated military technology, 3D topographical maps still remain a vital tool in any military operation. They give a physical and realistic model of any terrain, which aids defense teams in making their crucial decisions. These military topographical maps can represent any type of territory, using the aerial photographs, satellite images or any other graphic data, to convey a full 3D topographical map that can convey the correct information visually.

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