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Solid Terrain Modeling exhibited some of the most amazing 3D renderings of the earth's surface that I have ever seen." -Joseph J. Kerski, PhD, US Geological Survey

STM Solid Terrain Models are actual physical 3D models of geographic terrain that people can gather around, touch and view from any angle, and provide for a deeper comprehension of the information presented. Everyone understands right away - scale, distance, terrain, points of view, sight lines, etc. - without knowing how to read a topographic map or engineering plan. Solid Terrain Models can be any size, any shape and any scale - from table top to wall mounted, or tiled to fill an entire exhibition hall.

National and State Park Terrain Models

With the advent of STM’s technology, now as never before, national and state parks, federal, state, city and municipal agencies are acquiring terrain models of great beauty and accuracy at a reasonable cost. Any information, such as sites-of-interest, streets, trails, man made structures, vegetation, demographics, geological data and more, can be applied to the physical model to communicate effectively to all types of people.

Museum, Exhibition and Artistic Display
Terrain Models

Whether you need to depict the events at a historic battleground, the effects of urban encroachment on your watershed or the majestic beauty of your special place, STM’s precision manufacturing process produces either single panel or continuous scene multi-panel terrain models that are absolutely breathtaking. When the National Geographic Society wanted to illustrate the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon, they turned to STM to build a 52-foot long museum terrain model of the region. Museums, artists and exhibitors from around the world commission STM models to replicate artifacts, display planet terrain, and create unique artistic displays of any size and scale.

Military Terrain Models

STM Solid Terrain Models(model terrain) are used to communicate troop deployment during engagement and training scenarios, field operations, and mission planning and engineering. Since the models are easy to interpret, decisions can be made and communicated quickly and effectively. Military terrain models allow everyone to interact with the terrain from their own point of view and simultaneously see the details and the big picture, strengthening and streamlining the decision making process.

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