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Mark Fisher, President

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Solid Terrain Modeling exhibited some of the most amazing 3D renderings of the earth's surface that I have ever seen." -Joseph J. Kerski, PhD, US Geological Survey

Military Sand Table

No other company can produce the results we do for anything military. That's why the first call that came when we opened our doors in the year 2000 was from the Pentagon! While that call was a great surprise for our founder, Mark Fisher, the officials at the Pentagon knew right away that solid terrain models of such exemplary standards would be the best way to protect our troops and identify enemy territory.

Since then, the phone and email orders for our military projects have intensified. The Army, the Coast Guard, Raytheon Missile Systems, the Department of Defense and every type of military organization in between has placed orders for our exclusive models. If the Pentagon could count on us to produce an exact replica of geographic data with incredible accuracy, you can too.

Used for strategic, tactical or operational military planning, training and familiarization, Solid Terrain Modeling produces military sand tables for national security, government and public service organizations that need to replicate landscapes, terrain and defined geographical areas. Users can depend on exact scale, distance, terrain, points of view and sight lines.

Afghanistan’s rugged mountain terrain? No problem. Rivers and deserts in Iraq? Easy. We enhance visual understanding of mountain ranges, deserts, river deltas, seascapes, urban areas and weather patterns. Our sand tables are used in military briefings, as well as in instructional, training, simulation or educational environments.

Solid Terrain Modeling uses data from satellites, aerial photography and surveillance information, imaging, or existing cartographic or contour details to build your perfect model, made from hi-density polyurethane foam and cut on our computer-controlled milling machines. Unlike old-fashioned models, there are no stair-stepping topographic layers. What you do see is clean, crisp, natural detail presenting the landscape as it truly is with every nuance and detail of the surface. The unparalleled accuracy and realism can be crafted into a model of any size and scale.

Jose Moreno, an 11-year veteran of the Marines (including three deployments in Iraq), heads Solid Terrain Modeling’s newest office in Virginia working directly with the DOD and other government entities in and around Washington, D.C. Jose’s expertise in managing programs that use data to make sand tables and his experience with applying and using these models is unparalleled. He is currently working on a projection system offered specifically for Solid Terrain Modeling’s military customers.

It doesn’t matter where the project is or how complex the terrain, when the military needs a model, we are the only company in the world that can deliver complex, high security, intelligence in a rugged model that will last for years. Call Jose today. We bring the world to your tent, conference table or briefing room!

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