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Mark Fisher, President

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Solid Terrain Modeling exhibited some of the most amazing 3D renderings of the earth's surface that I have ever seen." -Joseph J. Kerski, PhD, US Geological Survey

CNC Inkjet Printing

What has four heads and the ability to bring the world to your doorstep? Give up? The answer is a 3D proprietary printing system available only at Solid Terrain Modeling. When you order one of our models, you can be sure that nothing can duplicate your finished product with such stunning clarity, vibrant color and photo-realistic detail.

That’s one reason National Geographic worked with us to produce the biggest model ever made. The finished product was exact replica of the geographic data in breathtaking detail and brilliant color. Our models are actual physical 3D models of geographic terrain that people can gather around, touch and view from any angle, and provide for a deeper comprehension of the information presented. Everyone understands right away - scale, distance, terrain, points of view, sight lines, etc. - without knowing how to read a topographic map or engineering plan. Solid Terrain Models can be any size, any shape and any scale - from table top to wall mounted, or tiled to fill an entire exhibition hall.

Whether satellite imagery, aerial photography, maps, text or other graphic data, your ultimate model comes to life thanks to Solid Terrain Modeling’s brilliant, hi-resolution proprietary inkjet printing. Instead of moving print heads on only one axis, Solid Terrain Modeling’s unique capability is being able to print on a 3D object. Co-Founder Mark Fisher created and developed this revolutionary printing process allowing the company to produce models of unmatched accuracy, realism and beauty. He and the company’s engineers designed and built all of the existing equipment and found an original equipment manufacturer that made print heads supporting Solid Terrain Modeling’s effort.

Today, using the only technology available in the industry, Solid Terrain Modeling’s custom machines can print any type of model for any type of client. Every job is unique, so Solid Terrain Modeling’s one of a kind technology can produce any specific type of object when supplied with available data. Using digital elevation and imagery data for the selected geographic area, the highly calibrated cutting machine carves the model into high-density plastic foam.

Still not convinced? Well, check out Solid Terrain Modeling’s map of British Columbia – a 74ft. long and 40ft. wide model made up of 100 uniquely shaped panels. It illustrates more than one million square miles of terrain from Oregon to the Yukon Territory. The accuracy of the data even allowed Solid Terrain Modeling to incorporate the curvature of the earth into the model! Impressive? You bet.

See for yourself. Give us a call, or visit our headquarters. We offer coffee and donuts, along with a free consultation.

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